02 Nov 2023

Another 6 star effort from Brenton Brind

I have dealt with Brenton now for nearly 20 years - the fair weather sailors have come and gone but Brenton is still here. In this case I was building for resale and received sound advice during the design phase on layout as to what the market wanted. Despite my desire to list "off the plan" during construction, his advice was to hold off due to the still rising market. Upon listing he achieved $35k above the asking price. The reason I keep coming back is his local knowledge, length of time in the industry, and his honest opinion, not based on trying to just get the listing but on achieving the best outcome in whatever the prevailing market conditions will yield regardless of what I might like to hear! If you want an honest and accurate appraisal, regular updates on progress and someone who can close the deal then you're in good hands with Brenton