Clearing Sales



Wardle Co Real Estate conducts clearing sales regularly and is fully equipped to handle the job no matter how big or small. The company auctioneers are Managing Director Tom Wardle and son James Wardle who have been working as a team since 2010. Tom has been auctioneering successful clearing sales as well as sheep and cattle sales for over 30 years.

The clearing sale process involves firstly contacting our office and arranging an on-site appointment to discuss what may be included within the sale and we will provide advice on what we consider may be the best layout for the sale.

Once we have been appointed as the sale agents it is then time to discuss particulars such as which date would be best, advertising and to catalogue and take photos of the items to be included in the sale. Once all of the items in the sale have been catalogued we then advertise the sale on as well as and other print media such as the Stock Journal and local papers. Up until the sale we keep in touch and guide through the process of laying out and what will need to be organised prior to the sale date.

On the day of sale we will arrive early to help put the final touches on what should be a successful day. The clerking is done by our team on our auction software and provides a print out at the end of the sale itemising each individual sale item. The majority of clearing sales are cash sales meaning all purchases are paid on the day of sale.