Our Site Makes Buying and Selling Peterborough Real Estate Simple

More and more people are deciding to involve themselves in the property market, and we want to make it easy.  Whether they’re doing it as a profession, to provide for their retirement, or simply to make some extra money, we know how exciting and challenging playing the market can be for both new and establish investors. We want to make it a bit easier.

The best friends you can have for selling, buying and investing in Peterborough real estate are all team members at Wardle Co. We’ve been working with South Australian property investors, buyers and sellers for more than 25 years to help them in property-related matters of all kinds, and we feel that this long service record speaks for itself.

The team with real experience

Not only can we provide excellent advice over the phone, in person or via email, we can also list your properties or give you an easy way to browse houses, offices and land for sale via our intuitive website. Our online listings allow you to sort properties by suburb, property type, price and amenities with only a few clicks.

Thanks to the huge client base we have, prospective buyers are spoiled for choice when looking for potential purchases. Our listings also provide an easy way for sellers to see general pricing trends in particular South Australian suburbs or simply see what’s selling in their local area.

If you’re looking to move out of Peterborough to another lovely place like Crystal Brook, Maitland or Jamestown, contact us. We have offices across the region, so you can get expert help and advice wherever you are.

Our Wardle Co Real Estate team can be contacted via phone at the Peterborough office by calling 0407 362 105 or by sending an email to